Organizzare la memoria sportiva


digital archives
Fausto Coppi
cycling history
audiovisual memory

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Carelli, P. (2022). Organizzare la memoria sportiva: “Coppi 100” e la figura di Fausto Coppi negli archivi digitali della Rai. Storia Dello Sport. Rivista Di Studi Contemporanei, 3(1). Retrieved from


Audiovisual archives play a pivotal role for the construction and spread of memory and identity within national communities. In particular, public service broadcasting, both in its linear and digital ways, is a relevant player in this process and sports history is one of the main fields where its function fully unfolds, through different genres, from the classic documentaries to the various hybridizations with information and entertainment. This article focuses on a recent case of consolidation of memory and imaginary of an Italian sport hero, that is the project “Coppi100”, released in 2019 on RaiPlay, the streaming platform of Italian public service, broadcasting to celebrate 100 years of birth of the cycling champion; “Coppi100” is a digital journey through over one hundred of short digital videos retracing the life and the carrier of Fausto Coppi, from birth to death at only 40 years. “Coppi100” is a relevant case because it’s the first digital product of RaiPlay entirely thought and conceived for a digital consumption without any linear airing, highlighting how the role of sports history could be crucial to experiment new paths of production and distribution. The figure of Coppi is also present on digital archives of public service broadcasting through other programs, not only sports-related, such as historical documentaries, magazines, fiction.


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