La Targa Florio dall’età pioneristica all’età delle corse


I World War
motor industry

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Guazzoni, D. (2021). La Targa Florio dall’età pioneristica all’età delle corse: Il legame tra sport ed economia prima e dopo la Grande Guerra. Storia Dello Sport. Rivista Di Studi Contemporanei, 2(1), 16–35. Retrieved from


Targa Florio was a meaningful international auto competition, disputed in Sicily since the 1906. This race represented a ground of dialogue and meeting between the Italian northern industry and the South with its prevailing agricultural culture as Sicily, who constituted for its beauty and its sourness the ideal test-bed for every car. This idyllic connection went to crack in the years before the I World War and began again when the end of the war revealed the brittleness of the Italian production, in the comparison with European manufacturers, marking the birth of a new season of the relationship between sport and the motor industry.


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