Calcio e identità


Venezia Giulia
Istrian footballers

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Molinelli, E. (2023). Calcio e identità: Le conseguenze dell’italianizzazione forzata della Venezia Giulia su due giocatori istriani, Rodolfo Ostroman e Bruno Scher. Storia Dello Sport. Rivista Di Studi Contemporanei, 4(1). Retrieved from


The phenomenon of the Italianisation of anthroponyms and place names within the territories acquired by the Kingdom of Italy at the end of the First World War is a topic that has enjoyed increasing attention in more recent historiography. Less investigated, however, have been the consequences of this process on the lives and careers of the athletes from these areas, and especially the Istrian footballers of Slavic or Germanic origin who were great protagonists in the Serie A of the Ventennio. While some agreed to Italianise their surnames, others decided to keep their original form and had to face the consequences of their choice. Among them were Rodolfo Ostroman and Bruno Scher, on whose sporting events this contribution focuses.

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