I sovversivi dello sport


sporting associationism
popular sport

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Molinari, A. (2021). I sovversivi dello sport: L’Uisp nelle carte di polizia (1948-1956). Storia Dello Sport. Rivista Di Studi Contemporanei, 2(1), 74–86. Retrieved from https://storia-sport.it/index.php/sp/article/view/10


Preserved inside the Central State Archive, the documents produced by the Department of Public Security under the Ministry of Interior, composed by police’s records and communications between institutions, give to scholars a huge variety of sources on associations in Italy, even on the Unione Italiana Sport Popolare (Uisp). Established in 1948, from its first steps, the association attracted the attention of security services, which checked carefully the centres’ activities. This kind of documentation, unfortunately non-systematic, is useful for scholars, who, through it, can gain information on association's network and its connections with Eastern Europe. This kind of sources, however, must be managed with extreme caution, because they might contain exaggerations and even falsehoods.


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